Why Daycare?

At Furbaby, everyone is considered family! Which is why owners are dragged through our front door by eager dogs, where tail wags and smiles are endless. If you’ve been to the Furbaby Boutique, Café or Spa and Pamper Salon you will already know how much we adore your dogs… Which is why we have opened our very own doggy daycare, to ensure your furbaby is given the most care, love and attention when you are at work.

So why would you put your furbaby into daycare?

Just like in humans, recreation is an essential part of raising a well-rounded, healthy and happy dog. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, play is a vital element in reducing stress in dogs, exercising their mind and releasing energy… Besides, who wouldn’t want to spend the day hanging out with a bunch of playful friends?!

Tired dogs don’t bark

What’s that sound? There isn’t one! Tired dogs rarely bark, and after an enriching day of socialising and play, you can be sure your best friend will come home one tired pup. Dogs who regularly exercise, socialise and experience mental stimulation at Furbaby are more relaxed and calm in their home environment, making for really great, quiet neighbours!


Socialisation is an essential lesson for all pooches. Being able to take your dog to a park, beach or café is one of the many joys of ownership, however this is only possible when your dog understands and enjoys social interactions. Learning how to interact with other dogs, as well as spending time with our trained staff, will encourage the development of skills that your furry friend will carry out of our doggy door and into yours.

Alleviating the blues

Barking, digging, chewing and other destructive behaviour are common symptoms of boredom in your dog. Furbaby daycare provides an outlet for play, exercise and stimulation, which may make your life at home a lot easier and calmer. After an exciting day at daycare, your pup will be happier to come home and simply relax with the family!


In order to be well-adjusted pets, dogs need both mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis. Playing with friends encourages dogs to exercise, which releases endorphins within your dog and has an overall calming effect on their behaviour. Playing with other dogs also encourages mental stimulation through communication, finding new ways to initiate play and being part of a group environment.

It’s fun!!

Just like us, dogs want to have fun! Whether it’s hanging out with friends, playing, chasing, fetching or jumping; having fun is an essential part of having well-balanced, happy dogs.

We love getting out and about, so why wouldn’t our furry friends?!


*It is important to remember that daycare isn’t suitable for every dog. To assess your dog’s suitability and eligibility, don’t hesitate to speak to our amazing staff; who will be more than happy to help you make an informed choice.