Very Important Dog – Off Lead Play Area

Have you heard of our VID (Very Important Dog) Area? Well… it is kinda special. An area that has been exclusively designed so your dog can play in a secure safe environment. It is fully covered, making it suitable for any weather condition. The entry/exit is double gated, just to make sure that there are no ‘escapees’. And, we make sure that the concrete is steralised daily to make sure your furbaby is kept safe.

The off lead area is open for everyone to use at various times during the week. When it is not assigned for doggy daycare (Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays) or specific breed playdates, you are more than welcome to use the area to meet with your friends, and allow your furbabies to play in an safe and secure environment.

There is a ‘FurParent Group’ on Facebook; where you can join to meet other dog lovers like yourself to arrange playdates at any time. Click here to join our family, and organise some fun playdates for your furbaby.

For safety reasons, no food is permitted in the VID Area. You’re more than welcome to purchase drinks in take away cups to consume in the VID Area. And, we are BYO Alcohol, if you choose to bring you favourite alcoholic beverage with you to add to the fun. Our full café menu is available in our Alfresco Area if you choose, as such no outside food is permitted at the venue.

Please be aware; FurBaby Boutique & Café is not responsible for any social interaction between animals, and not responsible for the interaction between animals & humans. All pets remain the sole responsibility of their owner/s.


Breed Specific Playdates

Your furbaby is family! That is why we are inviting you to meet up with your ‘cousins’ for a playdate. Nothing is better than playing with other dogs that understand the loveable quirks of the breed. Crosses of the breed are welcome too! These playdates are FREE, so make sure you come along and join in the fun!

Date            ………………..
9.00am – 10.30am
2.00pm – 3.30pm
Saturday, 23 February Dingo Malamute
Sunday, 24 February Mastiff Pekingese
Saturday, 2 March Bernese Mountain Dog Shiba Inu
Sunday, 3 March Poodle X (Small) Poodle X (Large)
Saturday, 9 March Terrrier Labrador
Sunday, 10 March Dachshund Retriever
Saturday, 16 March Yorkshire Terrier Bichon Frise
Sunday, 17 March Rescue (Large) Rescue (Small)
Saturday, 23 March King Charles Cavalier Chihuahua
Sunday. 24 March Maltese Greyhound
Saturday, 30 March Papillon Border Collie
Sunday, 31 March Pomeranian Italian Greyhound
Saturday, 6 April Samoyed Beagle
Sunday, 7 April Shih Tzu French Bulldog
Saturday, 13 April Spaniel Bulldog
Sunday, 14 April Corgi Jack Russell
Saturday, 27 April Cattle Dog Schnauzer
Sunday, 28 April Keeshond Kelpie
Saturday, 4 May Westie Australian Shepherd
Sunday, 5 May Pug Griffon