How Daycare Works

Here at Furbaby, we always do things a little different… Which is why we have created a unique and specialised daycare experience for your furry friend! All our amazing staff are extremely skilled and trained in dog behaviour, making our daycare experience even more special.

It’s easy to think that doggy daycare would be all about puppy cuddles… But there is much more to it than that! Here’s how it all works:

Safe & Fun!

We get dogs! Our staff are trained to read and understand dog behaviour, identifying unwanted behaviour before it even arises. By keeping our dog’s stimulated and engaged at all times- it creates happy and enriched dogs that rarely exhibit undesirable behaviours.

Just like at home, FurBaby Daycare has a set of basic rules and boundaries for your dogs to follow. Dogs are encouraged to follow these rules with rewards for positive behaviors (puppy cuddles and delicious treats), and reminding those who need to slow down to ‘sit’ with us until they are ready to play again.

We believe the natural and organic instincts of dogs must be learnt by humans, not the other way around. The satisfaction of a dog’s natural drives are they key to a successful and happy co-existence with our pups!

Our Daycare is filled with equipment and toys that our staff are trained with to facilitate safe play through games and activities that your dog will love and enjoy. Every day is a new day at Furbaby Daycare, with something new to do and explore every morning!

Small classes means more attention for your furbaby!

We want to provide the best experience for your furbaby, and to do this we must limit the numbers, as well as size of the dogs in our Daycare facility.

Specialising in a boutique play centre, sessions are limited to small numbers and small dogs under 12kg only. Safety is extremely important to us, so by having small groups and small dogs, we are able to care for your furbaby to the greatest extent, giving them the one on one attention from our staff; who have all undergone extensive canine behaviour training, supporting the positive reinforcement theology, to ensure the best experience for your furbaby.