Grooming Policies

Terms of Service

Please read the below Terms of Service of FurBaby Groom & Pamper. Make sure you read carefully to ensure you fully understand all of our terms and conditions of service. Don’t forget to regularly check this page, as these terms can be updated at any given time! We want to make sure that your furbaby has the best experience possible at the Groomers and this can only be done if the following is adhered to.

Rescheduling, Cancellation and No Shows.

At FurBaby Groom & Pamper we understand sometimes life gets in the way of appointments! Which is why we have an easy process of ringing up and rescheduling or cancelling your appointment. Be sure to give at least 48 hours of notice before rescheduling or cancelling to ensure we are able to find a replacement and ensure minimal financial loss to our small company and the actual Groomer assigned to your dog. Reschedules/cancellations made within 24 hours of the original booking will incur a 50% fee of the original booking charge given the late notice.

We also understand how easily appointments can be forgotten, and although we do send out reminders, we understand it still happens. In this case, our Groomers will try to get in contact with you, but after 15 minutes of failed attempts the appointment will be cancelled to ensure we stay on track for the rest of the day. This cancellation will incur a 100% fee of the original booking charge given the “no show”.

These charges must be paid before a new booking can be made.

Your Dog’s Health.

We care about your dog’s health! Which is why it is extremely important for you to inform us of any existing health conditions your dog may have, so that we can accommodate our service to them whilst also ensuring the highest level of hygiene and safety for other dogs at FurBaby.

Don’t forget to uphold your dog’s vaccinations, worming and flea treatments to ensure they are at the healthiest they possibly can be all year round, and encourage your dog to go to the doggy bathroom before coming into FurBaby Groom & Pamper! Please also avoid bringing your dog into FurBaby whilst they are on heat.

De-Matting Policy

FurBaby does NOT de-mat dogs that are severely matted. Trying to de-mat a severely matted dog is extremely tough, costly and time consuming, whilst also being tremendously painful and traumatizing for the dog involved, not to mention it can cause skin conditions. If an extremely matted dog comes into FurBaby, our Groomers may have no choice but to fully clip the dog and let the hair grow back fresh and new rather than trying to uncomfortably comb it out. Matting causes a great deal of pain for your dog during grooming, which emphasises the importance of regular grooming before it reaches that point.

We always put humanity before vanity, so if our Groomer deems it necessary, they have the right to stop the grooming process at any given time and you will still be charged for the entirety of the session.

Extreme matting can be avoided through regular grooming and brushing of your pet’s coat between visits. For advice on how to correctly upkeep your dog’s fur, ask any of our friendly staff who would be more than happy to give you their tips and tricks!

Anxiety and Aggression at the Groomer

Many dogs LOVE going to the groomer, others merely tolerate it, and some dogs suffer anxiety at the groomer as they feel apprehensive and fearful when being exposed to an unfamiliar situation. This can lead to your dog responding in the “freeze, fight or flight” syndrome, and can be extremely dangerous to your dog and our groomers.

By familiarizing your furbaby with the groomer through regular appointments, they will become less afraid, making the process much easier for you, us, and your pup! A dog with matted hair is likely to experience some pain at the groomers whilst removing these mats. This can lead to your dog associating the grooming process with pain, causing them to become aggressive and dangerous.

An aggressive and anxious dog can be dangerous to our Groomers, and if the dog comes into physical contact with our Groomer it could be detrimental to their career. To ensure our Groomer’s wellbeing, if at any point they feel uncomfortable or unsafe in the circumstance, they have the right to stop the grooming process at any given time and you will still be charged for the entirety of the session.

Bookings & Alteration to Service Policy

FurBaby Groom & Pamper is an extremely personal experience. Each appointment is tailored to the specific dog and its needs, hence why at least 7 days’ notice is suggested when creating or rescheduling a booking. This ensures that our customers aren’t left disappointed and are completely satisfied with the booking and time they have made.

Requesting for changes too close to the appointment, or if your dog is not available at the allocated booking time causing the appointment to start late, may result in less grooming being done but the same amount of money being charged. If you are late to your appointment, you will still be charged for the original booking even though the groom had to be completed in a smaller time frame.


FurBaby keeps a record of all the given information to ensure the utmost customer service and most personable experience possible. This ensures us to become increasingly acquainted with yourself and your furbaby, creating ease and familiarity at FurBaby Groom & Pamper. None of your information will be disclosed without consent.

Communication & Bookings

When making a booking at FurBaby Groom & Pamper, our preferred method of booking is through completing our online booking form and waiting for us to get back in contact with you to confirm the booking. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to reply, as we aim to ensure a seamless and faultless booking process.

Photography & Promotion

Here at FurBaby we love photos! Feel free to take as many photos of us and your furbaby as you like to share with your family, friends and followers on social media. We also occasionally take photos and videos of your pets to use for promotional purposes, where their first name and breed will be shared. If you do not deem this appropriate, please let us know at the time of the booking.


Please ensure payment at the conclusion of your service by cash, EFTPOS, Visa or MasterCard. Unfortunately, we do not accept Cheques, Money Orders, American Express or Diners Club.


Occupational Health and Safety laws require that we may cancel and reschedule your booking with little or no notice due to unforseen circumstances which we are unable to continue working in. Only staff are allowed access to our Grooming Salon, though customers are encourage to watch their dogs getting groomed through the window.

Refusal of Service

Our Groomers at FurBaby Groom & Pamper reserve the right to refuse service if they believe it is necessary. Some reasons they may refuse service include but are not limited to a dog’s health or fur condition or aggression, continuous late payments and cancellations, or they feel threatened/harassed by a customer.

Business Hours

Grooming appointments available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8am-4pm.


We love to hear from you! Be sure to let us know how you like your dog’s hair cut at the beginning of any session, and feel free to give us any tips that you think may benefit our business! Customer satisfaction is of extreme importance to us, so be sure to vocalise how you are feeling to ensure the best possible experience with FurBaby Groom & Pamper.