Daycare FAQs

Why does FurBaby Daycare have a 12kg limit?

At FurBaby, we put safety first to ensure the most enjoyable experience for everybody involved. Our Very Important Dog (VID) Area has a limited size, therefore to ensure the safety of all dogs and staff, our daycare is limited to small numbers and small dogs only.

Is it possible to only use Daycare when my dog is going to Spa & Pamper?

If you only wanted to use the Daycare facilities on certain occasions (like when your dog needs grooming), we are happy to accommodate for this. As it is difficult to get grooming appointments on weekends, you are able to let your dog spend the whole day with us; exploring, socialising and playing, then coming home looking svelte with their new hair style too!

The screening process for casual clients is the same for regulars, but once your furbaby has passed their induction, they are welcome back time and time again. Talk to our staff for a schedule suitable to you.

Why does my dog have to attend induction before starting daycare?

To ensure the safety of all dogs in the Daycare, it is important that we pre-screen all new starters. We will organise an induction and assessment time for you and your dog, generally after 6pm on a Friday night. During the induction, we assess your dog’s suitability for the Daycare, and answer any questions you may have. After your furbaby passes the induction, an orientation day is then held to further assess your dog and ensure the utmost safety is withheld within the daycare.

Why does my dog have to be desexed?

At FurBaby, all dogs over the age of six months are required to be desexed before they can attend Daycare. This is a requirement supported by several local Veterinarians, Animal Behaviour Consultants and certified trainers, and is something we believe is essential to the safety and wellbeing of all the dogs in our care.

We understand that in certain circumstances it is recommended to delay desexing. In this case, unless medical exemption can be provided by a Veterinarian, the dog must wait until after it has been desexed to join us.

No alternative forms of contraception are accepted (e.g. vasectomy).

What kind of Vaccinations does my dog need to attend FurBaby Daycare?

All dogs who attend FurBaby Daycare must have a FULL C5 (inclusive of Canine Cough) Vaccination. The number of vaccines that your dog receives to reach a full C5 varies between Veterinary clinics.

Proof of a full C5 vaccination is required and filed for each dog in our care annually.

No alternative forms of vaccination are accepted (e.g. homeopathy).

Why does my dog have to be in as early as possible on it’s first day?

Imagine walking into a room full of extremely excited people who all want to talk to you, but you don’t know any of them. Overwhelming- huh? We believe that coming into Daycare later in the day would have a similar effect on dogs.

Bringing your dog in early ensures they are settled in, and ensures they are set up positively the rest of the day.

What training methods do you use?

At FurBaby, we believe in positive training! We wholeheartedly believe that if dogs are rewarded for what they do right, they are more likely to do the right thing more often.

The FurBaby staff also undergo regular dog behaviour and management training with leading canine trainers.

How do you keep your facilities free from germs?

If you’ve ever visited FurBaby Café, you know just how seriously we take cleanliness!

The Daycare area has concrete flooring; which is non-slip and non-porous, which means no germs can get into the flooring and stay there. Each day we clean with a combination of disinfectant and veterinary grade cleaning products such as F10 and Trigene. We challenge you to try find a canine facility cleaner than FurBaby!

How do you make sure all of the dogs get along?

Our staff regularly undergo training with industry professionals to ensure that we are always at the forefront of current research and practice when it comes to dog behaviour. We are specifically trained and experienced in facilitating the safe socialisation, interaction and play of dogs.

Not all dogs are suitable for the Daycare environment, and all dogs are screened, assessed and monitored before, during and after their first day trial at the Daycare.

Does daycare teach my dog how to socialise?

Unless you have a puppy, daycare does not teach your dog how to socialise.

Think of doggy daycare like the deep end of a swimming pool; to be able to jump right in, you must already know how to swim. And if you’re not a competent swimmer, you might have to start at the shallow end.

If you are interested in seeing if your dog is suitable for daycare, don’t hesitate to call one of our facilities and our staff will happily guide you through some questions and help you make a decision.

I have a puppy, it is suitable to attend daycare whilst s/he is little?

Ab-so-lutely! Puppies learn the most when they are little. Exposing them to socialisation at a young age is extremely beneficial to puppies. Even if your furbaby is expected to outgrow the 12kg limit, you are more than welcome to enrol them whilst they are little, and they’ll be armed with top socialising skills by the time they are grown.

Can I stay and watch my dog play?

Unfortunately not, we have found the best method is to just drop the dog off because of the following reasons:

-Your dog might receive mixed messages from you. Dogs are extremely intuitive and will be able to sense if you are apprehensive or nervous, leading to them being less likely to interact with other dogs.

-Even when we have the best intentions, we may interfere with dog’s interactions and body language. The staff at FurBaby are trained at reading dog’s body language and unique personalities, and therfore know when to intervene and when not to.

Do you feed the dogs?

While we keep a record of each dog’s diet, we don’t feed the dogs lunch while they are with us (with the exception of puppies under 6 months) because it is not recommended for dogs to eat a meal and then go running, bounding, rolling and chasing.

We do offer dogs’ treats throughout the day, so please let us know if there is anything your dog cannot have at the time of enrolment.

How old does my dog have to be to join?

We do not have an age requirement at FurBaby Daycare, instead all dogs who want to come and play must have their full C5 vaccination (this can happen anywhere between 10 – 16 weeks).